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Buying a Home

For most people, home ownership is a lifelong dream. Not only are you proud to be a home owner, but it also gives you a sense of security. Furthermore, buying a home is a sensible financial investment.

There are plenty of houses in Toronto and the GTA and it seems with the wide selection the only issue is finding a home that best fits your life style.

Clear information is key for making the process of buying a home easier and understandable. You'll be able to clarify your goals more effectively when you have all the required information, whether you are a first time home buyer or a repeat buyer.

On this website, you will find many tools and resources which will come in handy as well as easy to understand information covering every aspect of home buying, plus links to other websites with useful information. Manhattan Mortgage Services gives you the facts, that your bank won't tell you about financing the purchase of a home you want. We have access to over 100 different lenders, along with your bank, to help you get the mortgage to suit your needs, while taking advantage of the current historically low interests rates.

Naturally you'll have a lot of questions:

  • Is a fixed rate or a variable rate best for me?
  • What terms and conditions are critical when determining my mortgage?
  • How much do I qualify for?
  • What is my credit score and why is it important?
  • Should I include legal fees, appraisal fees, moving costs and land transfer tax in my mortgage?

APPLY ONLINE NOW or call us today at 416.642.5685 and speak to a live Mortgage Agent and get approved by tomorrow. Let's see your bank do that!